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What is crowdfunding and what has it to do with Cape Cola?

The idea behind crowdfunding is to fund money for your idea by those, who believe in your idea and will support you to realize your dream. But we are no experts in that topic. Hence, we visited the Crowdfunding marketplace Thundafund in their office to speak with Patrick, CEO of Thundafund, about the idea of crowdfunding.

What has it to do with Cape Cola?

We have taken our first steps, but Cape Cola is still its infancy. We created the tincture, developed a syrup, filled the first 1.000 bootles to test Cape Cola in several promotions. We met wonderful people and got important feedback to improve our Cola. Today we will take the next steps. Therefore, we are going to run a crowdfunding campaign on the south-african marketplace Thundafund soon. Stay tuned!

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